NMB’s cooling fans and blowers provide cooling solutions to your system thermal problems. The need for forced-air cooling by using an AC or DC axial fan or blower should be determined at an early stage in the system design. It is important that the design plans for good airflow to heat-generating components and allows adequate space and power for the cooling fan or blower.

Ball bearings are machined components that include an outer ring, inner ring, balls, retainers, shields and snap rings. NMB’s miniature ball bearings are available in inch and metric sizes, open or shielded and flanged or unflanged. For extreme noise sensitive applications, superior hardness and corrosion resistance our ball bearings are manufactured with DD400™ stainless steel material. Chrome steel is available for applications in uses and environments where corrosion resistance is not a critical factor.

NMB’s step motors include hybrid, molded type flange, permanent magnet, hybrid linear and hybrid gear boxes, all customizable. NMB’s brush DC motors are ideally for applications that require small size and excellent power output. The brushless DC motors are perfect for installation in restricted area such as environments sensitive to interference, battery powered equipment and clean room environments. Step and BLDC motors have available integrated customizable electronics for ease of application development, systems reduction and project proofing.

NMB’s LED Lighting Solutions include the Standard Line of programmable and dimmable LED drivers, as well as our new LED Modules with Ultra Thin Lens technology. Programmable drivers available in 0~10W and 10~20W afford the designer the opportunity to program the output current of the driver to match their desired application. The LED Modules with Ultra Thin Lens technology offer the highest performance in uniformity and color quality.

NMB’s miniature precision ball bearings are the first component of a highly successful design of a mechanical bearing assembly. Machined components such as magnets, gears, molded and machined plastic parts, die cast parts and special materials are designed and manufactured to work precisely with NMB precision ball bearings. Our assembly process and inspection methods have been optimized to produce the highest quality product for your application.

The new F Series high power impellers achieve new benchmarks for airflow performance and are the most efficient fans in the market today. Using advanced modeling techniques for our airfoil designs has resulted in superior aerodynamic performance that is best in class. The NMB motorized impellers have the below mentioned features and options.

The new COOL LEAF Keyboard is a beautifully designed, next generation input device. With a mirror like flat surface while turned off, this device comes alive when turned on, as the keyboard characters appear on the surface, lighted from beneath, as if floating. Designed by world renowned Dr. Kazuo Kawazaki, this product represent Minebea’s state of the art backlighting technology, coupled with their keyboard manufacturing experience.