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In 2014, The Will Group (TWG) — a lighting representative based in Chicago — began offering surveying services to our utility and municipal clients. These clients sought to maintain, create, or upgrade their existing lighting fixture infrastructure but were uncertain of the number, type, and location of fixtures comprising their inventory. To help our clients better understand what equipment populated their infrastructure, and its condition, TWG developed and patented the customizable web-based software called “TWiG”. Plainly, if you have data which needs to be managed on a map, TWiG can do the job. We offer a variety of services which can be customized to fit every need.

Our team of experienced surveyors is equipped to collect the data you need about existing infrastructure which allows you to update or create a GIS database and/or plan upgrades accordingly. We can also collect data after project completion to ensure your project's success.

TWiG has allowed our team and clients to move away from using paper maps and spreadsheets out in the field. Using TWiG has made field teams, such as streetlight fixture installers, efficient and accurate while creating less environmental waste.

We are proud of our focus on job creation, with numerous jobs created and filled throughout the Midwest. Our Survey team consists of hardworking, experienced leaders ready to mobilize and train additional individuals, creating jobs in your region.